Our full-service approach covers everything from land procurement to the completion of construction, allowing you to relax knowing a stress-free process awaits.

Development and Investment Opportunities

We offer Complete Turnkey Solutions: From Land Sourcing to Construction

We are proud to offer complete turnkey solutions within this sector, starting with land sourcing, design and approvals. Equipped with a great network of architects and contacts in the planning departments we provide efficient progress for projects that run the gamut from small-scale to large-scale. Construction is also a main of our robust services so you can have peace of mind knowing your project will be completed on time and up to standard!

Custom Building Solutions with Versatile Construction Technologies

LMC Projects is the premiere construction team that offers a variety of building technologies and techniques, from traditional brick-and-block to cutting edge light gauge steel or Nudura ICF systems. We are proud to offer our customers up to 50% in cost savings while producing stunning architectural results with any style of internal or external finishes — whether it be medium grade or high end specifications! Our versatile and flexible approach ensures you get exactly what you need for your dream home.

Exploring New Opportunities for Asset Growth and Joint Ventures

We are always on the hunt for fresh projects with Clients and within our extensive network of local possibilities to increase our Clients’ asset value. Moreover, we welcome Joint venture proposals too.
LMC Projects Approved Construction Company
Our partnership with the Federation of Master Builders guarantees that you are working with reliable and certified professionals for your construction project.
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